Fantastic Plants and Where to Find Them

This site provides a guide to the plant resources of the popular video game “No Man’s Sky”. You'll find information about various plants in the game such as their value, the planetary conditions where it was found, and an image for identification. Hopefully it's a helpful tool for gamers playing in extreme survival mode, those unfamiliar with the newest game update, or anyone needing extra help accomplishing resource gathering missions.

On the homepage you'll find a gallery of in-game screenshots of plant resources linking to more detailed descriptions. A quick overview of all resrouces are displayed within the reference table. More information about growing your own plants and a form to submit discoveries is coming soon as site contruction continues.

Image of an alien flowering desert with a large moon rising.
This in-game screenshot was taken by username: CPT. BLURAIN TCNMS EXPLORER More Informaion

What is No Man's Sky?

If you're not familiar with the game, No Man's Sky is building and exploration themed video game produced by Hello Games. Players within the game explore a procedurally generated galaxy of planets, black holes, asteroids, and aliens. Once the user's spacecraft has landed on a planet, there is an opportunity to collect resources that may be useful for trade or building. By combining various resource elements according to blueprints, the user can manufacture equipment for their journey.

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