No Man's Sky Resources

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ElementTypeRarityAverage Value
Aluminum Neutral Rare 165
Antrium Exotic Rare 41.3
Calium Exotic Very Rare 288.8
Candensium Neutral Rare 171.9
Carbon Isotope Common 6.9
Chrysonite Silicate Rare 82.5
Copper Neutral Uncommon 110
Coprite Neutral Rare 6.9
Coryzagen Neutral Rare 158.1
Cymatygen Exotic Very Rare 275
Emeril Neutral Rare 275
Fervidium Neutral Rare 165
Gold Neutral Rare 220
Heridium Silicate Common 27.5
Iron Oxide Common 13.8
Mordite Neutral Rare 13.8
Murrine Exotic Very Rare 302.5
Nickel Neutral Common 137.5
Omegon Exotic Very Rare 309.4
Platinum Silicate Uncommon 55
Plutonium Isotope Rare 41.3
Pugneum Neutral Rare 137.5
Radnox Exotic Very Rare 302.5
Rigogen Exotic Rare 41.3
Rubeum Exotic Rare 288.8
Spadonium Neutral Rare 178.8
Temerium Neutral Rare 178.8
Thamium9 Isotope Uncommon 20.6
Titanium Oxide Rare 61.9
Tropheum Neutral Rare 137.5
Viridium Exotic Rare 302.5
Zinc Oxide Uncommon 41.3