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I was approached by the business operations team with a request to create UI mock ups of new marketing strategies. The goal of the project was to have a set of about 50 images showing how the website could look if certain ideas were implemented. I tackled this project alone, but used a design system library that had already been established by the brand. I met with the team regularly to flesh out ideas, even contributing my own, and then translated those ideas into mock ups and prototypes using Sketch, Principle, and Origami Studio. My mock ups were shared in presentations with research teams, executives, and vendor partners like Nike and adidas. Those presentations resulted in conversations, green lights, and funding.

User Interface Design

The video above shows three user experience scenarios based on whether the sport is in pre-season (left), in-season (center), or post-season (right). Hearing customer feedback and cunducting user tests, we determined that marketing strategy may benefit from a change in merchandising and general layout of the sport's page.

In pre-season, the student athlete's primary goal is to purchase the correct product in his team's colors that will win the approval of his peers. During the season, the primary user actually changes to include the athlete's parents purchasing protective and recovery gear for their child. Post-season is an important shopping period for fan gear because of the pro season schedule.

Along with the business operations team, we identified multiple sport pages that could improve sales with the addition of user interface modules such as live video, events listings, and just-in-time fan apparel.

My role in this project was to listen-in to brainstorming workshops, contribute my own ideas, and create visual mock-ups for periodic presentations to executives and vendors.